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*Free Mock Ups! Seeing Is Believing And We'll Show How We Can Cover ANY Wall!*
*Free Mock Ups! Seeing Is Believing And We'll Show How We Can Cover ANY Wall!*

Interior Murals Details

Every image in our collection library is custom fit and sized to fit ANY wall!

Cover ANY Wall produces large, colorful photographic wall murals that can completely transform the look and feel of any indoor or outdoor space.

Our Interior Material comes in two different forms: Premium & Standard!

Amazing self-adhesive materials! Both of our interior wall coverings are printed on an adhesive backed material for wall art that doesn't rip, wrinkle, crease or tear. And, best of all, it doesn't ruin when stuck to itself, making installation a breeze!

  • SUPER Easy installation!
  • No mess, no glue, paste or anything else required!
  • Attach and detach freely without damaging the walls!
  • Fully customizable and beautiful high quality prints 

Our heavy duty peel-and-stick Premium canvas works well on walls with slight imperfections, and, due to its thickness, it is also the easiest to install!

Our peel-and-stick Standard fabric material is a little bit thinner than the premium; it made from extremely tightly woven polyester. It’s a thinner, less textured option compared to the canvas, and it allows the inks to really pop!

Choose ANY print from our collection!! Or upload your own custom image!

Our wall murals require minimal equipment and tools! The only tool you need comes with your order--a squeegee (included in EVERY purchase!). It’ll take roughly 30 minutes to install a panel, including prep work!

No paste or water required means no mess! Our murals come adhesive-backed with backing paper attached. Simply remove the backing paper, stick the mural to the wall, and your job is done!

With our special adhesive, there's no danger to your wall! Because we do not use any growing agents in our adhesive, you can safely remove our murals without fear of damaging your wall! If you keep the back of the mural dirt and dust-free, you will be able to remove and reuse the mural!

Our heavy-duty premium canvas murals run at $13/sq.ft (greater than 35 sq. ft.) or $16/sq. ft (35 sq. ft. or less). Our high-quality fabric-based option runs at $10.99/sq. ft. (more than 35 sq. ft.) or $13/sq. ft (35 sq. ft. or less).

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